A Tiger among Us by Bennie G. Adkins and Katie Lamar Jackson

A Tiger Among Us: A Story of Valor in Vietnam’s A Shau Valley by Bennie G. Adkins and Katie Lamar Jackson tells of Adkins’ life (primarily his military career with an emphasis on his Vietnam War experiences).

It is an easy read, but describes Adkins’ exploits as a Special Forces soldier in Vietnam. The book primarily focuses on how Adkins survived his Special Forces camp being overrun by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army in the Battle of A Shau. Many of his comrades were killed or wounded, including Adkins, but through determination and grit the survivors fought off the enemy until they were extracted. As a result of his actions, Adkins was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The authors also chronicle Adkins’ work with the highly classified Studies and Observation Group (SOG). The Group was a multi-service special operations group that conducted covert operations in Southeast Asia. His work with SOG combined with his Special Forces work paint a picture of a man who was dedicated to his country and fellow service members and did all that he could to complete his assignments with the utmost success.

Although the writing is a bit awkward at times, it is overall a good read. After reading Adkins’ account of the Battle of A Shau, I want to read other perspectives of the Battle to get a fuller understanding of it.

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