Ahab’s Return by Jeffrey Ford

Ahab’s Return by Jeffrey Ford is an unusual and intriguing book. The book focuses on the two iconic figures in Moby Dick – Captain Ahab and Ishmael, ok mainly Ahab.

Ford creatively furthers their story in the setting of 1853 New York. He takes an angle that I would not have expected – continuing the life of Captain Ahab (remember he was dragged to his death by a harpoon line attached to Moby Dick) and his quest to find his family after his long odyssey in the Pacific. Ahab meets up with George Harrow, a reporter for a rag newspaper, and the two try to find Ahab’s lost family.

The book is part mystery (finding Ahab’s family) and part fantasy (the mythical characters). The mythical characters and the settings are intriguing. I have never been a big fantasy reader, but this one kept me interested throughout because of the strong plot and engaging characters.

A good read for fantasy and mystery readers alike.


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