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In case you missed it, NRO had some coverage of Robert Ferrigno’s Prayers for the Assassin this week. John J. Miller reviewed it and Kathryn Lopez had a Q&A session with the author.

Here is Miller:

In reading Prayers for the Assassin, it’s important to engage in what Samuel Taylor Coleridge called a “willing suspension of disbelief” — i.e., it’s essential to grant Ferrigno his unbelievable premise that a certain set of circumstances may arise to compel millions of Americans to convert to Islam. Once you allow this, everything else falls into place, because everything else about Ferrigno’s invented world feels utterly believable . . . This, in fact, may be the chief reward of the book: The creation of an alternate reality that abides by a set of internally consistent rules as well as a place that reminds us of what’s at stake in the war on terror.

Here is an interesting exchange from the Q&A:

Lopez: Whom do you read?

Ferrigno: Elmore Leonard, William Gibson, Franz Kafka, Haruki Murakami, Michael Ledeen, Mark Steyn, Ralph Peters, JG Ballard, John Connolly, V. S. Naipul, Hugh Hewitt, Carl Barks, and Vince Flynn.

For those who are interested, my review of the book is here.


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  1. Hey, the Beyond Band of Brothers book sounds good!


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