Jim Geraghty Returns with Another Dangerous Clique Novel

“Ripped from the headlines” plot with Geraghty’s sense of humor makes this a quick read.

When I went to post my review of Jim Geraghty’s latest book, Hunting Four Horseman, on Goodreads I was again cursing the lack of half stars (although, does a half star really mean a lot?) and wrestling with judging a book by the genre it is or the appeal of that genre to you personally…

Which is to say I enjoyed the second Dangerous Clique book but realized these books really aren’t my prefered genre or style within the genre.

Having known Jim for some time, and appreciating his writing, I wanted to buy and read his novels. And they are full of his research, knowledge and sense of humor, which is why I enjoyed them.

But they are also action focused thrillers – the point is to find and kill the bad guys. These are what used to be classified as “beach” or “airport” reads, and I don’t mean that pejoratively. If that is what you are looking for you will enjoy this series. I have just realized that I like my espionage with a little more literary style and a touch of noir.

That said, if you like action thrillers focused on plausible real world events, Jim has you covered.  Alongside the action are all kinds of details about the world and its politics.  But in the end, the bad guys are going down.

The only downside is that the events are a little too plausible these days…


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