Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

Ragdoll is the debut crime novel of Daniel Cole. It is a spellbinding, suspenseful look at a serial killer.

Cole’s story revolves around a controversial detective, William Fawkes, as he along with other detectives try to solve a mystery. The mystery surrounds a body, which is composed of the dismembered parts of six victims that are sewn together – the “Ragdoll.”

The novel is a dark and brooding work. Fawkes is not a likeable character – his rude and abrasive personality is grating and he is a little nuts. But, like many flawed detectives in novels, he is a genius at solving crimes. His doggedness in pursuing leads and thinking theories through explain why he is so successful.

Cole writes in a clear and brutal fashion. The injuries to the victims are vivid, but not overly so. Cole provides enough detail to give the reader a good handle of events and the personalities of the various characters.

The plot is engaging and keeps you guessing through most of the book. Cole uses trainee homicide detective Alex Edmunds wonderfully in unraveling the mystery of the killer.

A good and easy read.


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