Death (The Mercian Trilogy #3) by K.J. Wignall

I decided to read K.J. Wignall’s Death, the third and final book in The Mercian Trilogy, just to get some closure … [Review of book one here, book two here]

Plus, I got a review copy, so low risk.

In all seriousness, I did want to see how the series came to a close. And the ending was enjoyable.

The thing I struggled with was the pace of the story. It could be that it has been so long between reading the 2nd and 3rd book that I was disconnected from the story arc. Or it could be that this type YA novel is not my style. For whatever reason, I thought the plot dragged quite a bit in places. As Will and Eloise work at figuring out their destinies the story got bogged down.

It really only seemed to pick up some pace and drive in the final fourth of the book. Then I felt like things were coming together and the resolution was satisfying even if a little corny.

Overall, the series was interesting but in the end just not my genre or style. FWIW, I felt like Alchemy was the strongest book.

Weird that I am a reader and fan of YA fiction and of Wignall but the two combined didn’t really work for me. Looking forward to the movie version of For the Dogs and a new book in 2016.

Kevin Holtsberry
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