Writer's Block, Book Burnout and Podcasts

So content has been rather sparse here of late. Sorry about that.  I have started a new job and it is seemingly sucking all the energy out of my brain.  When I get home I just don’t have the inspiration to write reviews.  Add in the fact that I have been reading some complex non-fiction and I just procrastinate and put off trying to write anything.

I periodically get in a funk like this where nothing quite seems to “work” for me and I find myself reading three or four books at one time looking for something that will connect or get the juices flowing again; something that compels me to write because I want to get my opinion down rather than writing because I haven’t written anything here for a while. You have heard this before if you have been reading me for any length of time (I guess I am sorry about that too …).

What makes these episodes even more awkward is that I don’t have a lot of other hobbies. I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies nor do I play video games or have a lot of other distractions. So when books and reading are not working I really feel lost.  Maybe I should get some exercise or something. Go outside and breathe the fresh air … Nope, mostly I waste time on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you have these episodes where nothing you read seems to connect and you don’t feel like writing anything?

I have read a couple of short stories and some mythology  for young adults but haven’t been able to work up the energy to write about these books but will try to do so soon. These funks come and go.

The good news for you, dear reader, is that in an attempt to break out of this funk I decided to return to the podcast format and interview some authors. This week I will post interviews with Joseph Bottum, author of An Anxious Age, and talk with one of my favorite authors, Olen Steinhauer, about this latest book The Cairo Affair. Which what kinda ties the title of this post together in case you were wondering.

So I hope you will forgive the radio silence and come back for the podcasts with these interesting authors.  And, as always, thanks for reading.

Kevin Holtsberry
I work in communications and public affairs. I try to squeeze in as much reading as I can while still spending time with my wife and two kids (and cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Michigan Wolverines during football season).

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