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In the Mail: Red State Uprising

Red State Uprising: How to Take Back America by Erick Erickson, Lewis Uhler


Fed up with our arrogant federal government? Don’t want massive programs we don’t need and can’t afford? Then join the Red State Uprising! In his new book, RedState.com founder Erick Erickson clearly outlines what needs to change in Washington and what we can do locally to make it happen. Red State Uprising is not about anarchy or a revolution—it’s about reshaping government to maximize economic growth, individual liberty and private property rights. Barack Obama has shown his determination to move the country towards a socialist nanny state, culminating in the government takeover of health care. The vast majority of Americans reject this vision and Red State Uprising calls upon this majority to stand up and take action. There is a “right size” for government, Erikson argues, but it is much smaller, much cheaper, and much less intrusive than what we’ve got now. Red State Uprising offers conservatives a plan to take back the people’s government.


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  1. And without a strong government to fight international corporations such as BP and the insurance moguls, individual rights will be protected exactly how?

  2. 1) a well functioning legal system does not require large social welfare programs or giant bureaucracies enforcing billions of regulations. A level playing field is a necessary part of any economy but an overbearing and overgrown government is not.

    2) Do you really think government fights for “individual rights?”

    3) Do you think government did a good job of protecting the gulf from BP?

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