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Colm Toibin on To the End of the Land

This NYT Review of To the End of the Land by David Grossman makes me want to pick up the ARC I have in the TBR pile and start reading. But to be frank, I am not sure I have the time or energy for a 576 page book touching on such serious/emotional subjects.

Here is a taste of the review:

It is a testament to Grossman’s novelistic talent, indeed perhaps his genius, that “To the End of the Land” manages to create and dramatize a world that gives both the reality and the echo their full due. He weaves the essences of private life into the tapestry of history with deliberate and delicate skill; he has created a panorama of breathtaking emotional force, a masterpiece of pacing, of dedicated storytelling, with characters whose lives are etched with extraordinary, vivid detail. While his novel has the vast sweep of pure tragedy, it is also at times playful, and utterly engrossing; it is filled with original and unexpected detail about domestic life, about the shapes and shadows that surround love and memory, and about the sharp and desperate edges of loss and fear.


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  1. Engaging quote, especially that “sharp and desperate edges.”

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