• Patrick O'Hannigan: "J.K. Rowling is not a hack, and should not be treated like one." http://tinyurl.com/lobfa4 #
  • RT: @bookoven: Nicholson Baker will be live online @3pm today at the New Yorker, talking Kindles & ebooks. see: http://bit.ly/QRBLF #
  • Cols Bk Examiner West Oversea by Lars Walker:
    I have followed the writing of Lars Walker for so.. http://bit.ly/KoTAz #
  • @roncharles re: Kindle & papers; Did he explain how reading on a device suddenly changes the content? WSJ is dispensable blog on Kindle? in reply to roncharles #
  • @Debra_Hamel Finder's Vanished does look good doesn't it? Dang these publishers who drown me in books! My TBR pile is getting dangerous. in reply to Debra_Hamel #

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