The Curse of the Pharaohs

The Curse of the Pharaohs by Elizabeth Peters is the second book in her series chronicling the exploits of Amelia Peabody (now Emerson) and her husband Radcliffe Emerson in Egypt. This book is as strong as her first, Crocodile on the Sandbank.

The book takes place several years after the first – during that time she marries Emerson and they have a son nicknamed Ramses. Amelia and Emerson are asked by the widow of Lord Baskerville to explore a royal tomb in the Valley of the Kings discovered by her deceased husband. However, strange events surround this discovery – the unexplained death of the Lord and the disappearance of the Lord’s assistant – with others to follow with the arrival of Amelia and Emerson. The natives believe there is a curse on the tomb for desecrating the tomb – Amelia and Emerson are skeptical to say the least.

As in the first book, the book starts out slow, but quickly gains speed once the characters travel to Egypt. The plot is fully developed with interesting characters. More people are dropping dead and more twists and turns keep the reader guessing almost to the end.

Amelia and Emerson are at their best – they continue to bicker in a most loving way, but defend each other when the times get tough. I particularly like seeing their relationship develop into a more mature and trusting one.

In short, this book continues the good legacy of the first.

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