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For those of you out there looking for intelligent reviews from a conservative perspective check out the University Bookman:

Founded by Russell Kirk in 1960 and currently edited by Gerald Russello, The University Bookman is the flagship journal of the Russell Kirk Center and one of America’s premier reviewer publications. In its pages, readers find thoughtful assessments of leading books and authors written by some of today’s most gifted conservative minds.

Regular readers will know that Kirk is one of my intellectual heroes. Russello is, like his mentor, a fine thinker and writer so I am confidant that his editorship will mean good things for this venerable publication. He makes clear his perspective in his editors’ note:

T. S. Eliot wrote in the final issue of his journal, the Criterion, that “the small and obscure papers and reviews” bore responsibility for “the continuity of culture.” It was they that would “keep critical thought alive” amidst troubled times. And despite the wonders of the Internet and the variety of multimedia spectacles that are supposed to replace “obsolete” books, we believe Eliot still, as did Kirk when he founded this journal. Books, and the periodicals that engage them seriously, will continue to have a place in cultural debate, and the Bookman seeks to be an engaged participant.

The new issue is out and some of the articles are available online. Including a discussion of Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy.

If you are interested you can subscribe to the University Bookman – and other periodicals – here.

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