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Here are a couple of interesting links I have stumbled upon:

Heartening story in the Columbus Dispatch (might require subscription) about the opening of a new book store. The owner had previously owned four Little Professor franchises but had ran into trouble when trying to take his company public. Since then the strip mall where the bookstore was located has been refashioned and rebuilt. This week he is opening a bookstore very near where his old store stood:

For more than 25 years, Upper Arlington resident George Gaylord and his family operated it and five other Little Professor bookstores. They did good business until the mid-’90s, when difficulties from an initial public stock offering bankrupted the family company.

Insisting that the Little Professor stores were profitable, George Gaylord, his son John and other members of their family are willing to try again.

The Gaylords are preparing to open Liberty Books & News, a bookstore and newsstand, at the Shops on Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington. The location is near the spot where they ran the Little Professor store in the same center, which has been renamed after a renovation.
[. . . ]
Liberty Books, which opens Thursday, will take the “news” part of its name seriously. The store will dedicate 300 linear feet of shelf space to magazines. There will be 7,000 titles, more than four times those of a typical large bookstore, John Gaylord said.

Liberty Books will offer another unique service: NewspaperDirect, in which the bookstore can print the current issue of 292 newspapers from around the world. Papers are available in 34 languages, printed on 11- by 17-inch paper and cost $4.99 daily and $6.99 on Sundays.

– Yesterday, I mentioned the Canongate Myth series. J.K. Kelley has read Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad and this past weekend went to a reading. Sounds like an enjoyable evening; she even stopped for ice cream afterwords.

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