Il Parasito

Yesterday’s post by Phil Wade inspired me to reveal my thoughts about The Village Voice article while balancing Jessa Crispin’s parasite remark against the value of the Lit-Blog Co-op’s ambition to shine some light on literary fiction. Asking me about this, which no one has, is a bit like asking the busboy how the state dinner was, did the ambassador enjoy himself, are we at war with former friends?
I don’t know. After the dishwasher broke we had to wash the dishes by hand. Suds all over the kitchen floor.

The ancient Greeks defined parasites as people who invited themselves to dinner. Eating at someone else’s table. The Romans had a similar idea, although in their society freeloaders were expected to be entertaining. Go ahead and eat but tell us some emperor jokes.
After a series of one liners about Caligula said guest was on the circuit.

Whose table are lit bloggers eating at? Could be the NYT with a brownie for dessert. The Voice has had a number of articles about blogging, turning for guidance to the same source so many other newspapers have, Jessa Crispin. Perhaps like the oracle at Delft her comments are confounding by design, intended to stir debate. The Guardian, long bemused by the blogosphere, chose her as their favorite literary blogger, thus creating celebrity which in modern journalism is always confused with authority.

Meanwhile we await the first nominee selected by the Lit-blog co-op, the ostensible subject of the article. Parasites such as myself are looking forward to May 15 when the announcement is made. I’ve made no plans for that day, hoping, of course, to feed my face and maybe swipe Mark Sarvas‘ Caesar Salad if no one is looking.