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April is National Poetry Month

The Empire State Building honors National Poetry MonthThe Academy of American Poets is celebrating its tenth month-long literary celebration of poetry next month. They want us to remember Emily Dickinson’s words, “Nature is a haunted house – but Art – is a house that tries to be haunted.”

During the month, ten poetry readings will be held in ten cities, the first being in Vancouver, BC. Why they couldn’t find a tenth US city, I don’t know; but maybe Vancouver is a would-be American city–an American-enough city. Probably they’re just willing to have a reading. (Did they ask poets in Houston or Athens, TX? St. Louis, maybe?) New York will get involved with a light display on the Empire State Building. Pictured is the one from last year. They will also have a benefit gala at the Lincoln Center on April 5 with a handful of familiar faces and voices, including everyone’s favorite former anchorman Dan Rather.

But the fundamental point of this celebration is for you and I to enjoy more poetry. What do you think of that? Do you enjoy poetry or do you return it to the shelf still hungry?


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    April is National Poet…

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    April is National Poetry Month

    April is National Poet…

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