Eine Kleine Chin Musik

First off congratulations to Kevin and his wife on the birth of their daughter Ella. Some experiences are unforgettable and this one certainly qualifies.

I second Kevin’s hats off to Phil Wade for great posts. I’ve finished reading CAGE’S BEND by Carter Coleman out from Warner Books but haven’t written my review. It’s been called a southern novel which it is in some ways. Okay, instead of writing the review I watched BLAZING SADDLES and now I feel really guilty.

To make matters worse the Yankees signed Randy Johnson and so I won’t be invited to Tampa this spring despite my Mozart inspired efforts to whip myself into shape; fastball clocked in the high forties. Adding to my woes I peeked inside the arc of ALL THAT HEAVENLY GLORY by Elizabeth Crane. Wow. Her opening story is a ten page compound sentence. It works. She’s incredible. That’s five sentences utilized in a vain attempt to express my admiration for her style.

While few things are more frightening than the threat of impending prose I’ve posted the opening of my novel FLAMINGO DAWN on my Publishers Marketplace page. Thus far fourteen hearty souls have stopped by, not including the eight visits by your reporter, for a net of six. I’m certain George Steinbrenner was among them putting the radar gun to the test; he’ll probably offer Elizabeth Crane a contract now that I’ve tippped my hand about how good she is.