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Some of you might be wondering what exactly has happened to the proprietor of this site and why new people are posting. Well, I have been busy. Last Friday January 28 at 3:02 PM my first child, Ella Hope Holtsberry, was born. As you might imagine, this has changed my focus a bit and eaten up all my time. If you would like more information on Ella and her life so far you can go here.

Knowing that I would have limited ability to post, I asked Phil Wade of Brandywine Books if he would like to join the gang at Collected Miscellany. Luckily for me, and you, he agreed and has already begun to post interesting things. David and I tend to post book reviews so it is good to have someone like Phil to post and ruminate on links to interesting articles. His email is posted in the upper left corner if you need to contact him.

I am not sure when I will get back to regular posting (there might be some posting at weird hours as well) but I leave you in capable hands.


What is Fiction?


Eine Kleine Chin Musik


  1. Kevin, what great news! My son is 14 months old, so I know what you’ve been through. In fact, my wife’s labor was 36 hours long.

    I saw the pictures and your daughter is beautiful. We love the name too! Good luck!

  2. The Lord bless you, Kevin. What a wonderful time of your life.

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