The Wonder of it All

Is it the rush of the year coming to an end — complete with those endless torturous political commercials dominating the TV waves — or is it just me, but, is time revolving faster than ever before? Does anyone else feel the earth move…and I’m not referring to the old Carly Simon song…out of sync with the rest of your life?

My business is struggling to move ahead…not in the ‘we may be out of business soon’ aspect, but in the ‘there is so much to do, so many opportunities out there, how do I pick the right one to take’? All of which makes me nervous and prone to wondering if I’m where I should be. Here’s what I think: if half of LIFE is IF, the other half is wondering IF…

I didn’t study philosophy, but I’ve read a bit about it, and enjoy a nice philosophical debate. One of the best places to get into debates, or — for the more genteel among us — conversations, is at Carnival of the Capitalists.

The Carnival has been circulating the blogosphere for some time now…we contribute as often as we can (we being Lip-sticking, my home blog) but we’re a small fish in a big pond. There are posts submitted to this collective community that will have you wondering all sorts of philosophical stuff.

Have to say ‘stuff’ because the contributions (bloggers are encouraged to send an appropriate post to cotcmail -at- gmail -dot- com by Sunday evening; visit link above) are so varied they overflow with mind-boggling content, depending on the host blogger’s comments. This is a great way to get more notice for your blog, but it’s an even better way to have your say…and to learn more about what’s going on out there in the blogosphere, which imitates real life very well.

At the very least, the Carnival of the Capitalists is reflective of the voice of America…complete with philosophical thoughts, rantings, ravings, and choice news bytes.

We wonder if the connections and the community at CoTC can change the world? Slow it down, maybe? Give us focus so we can choose the right road to take in 2005?

Will the outcome of the election make our choice for us? Will one of the great bloggers cited at CoTC help us out with some tidbit that applies? Will the blogosphere continue to grow and become a stronger influence, ala ‘power to the people’ as we think it will, thereby helping us make our decision?

The wonder of it all makes our head spin. Along with the ever-spinning world…