Short Takes

After reviewing Denise Mina’s DECEPTION, I read her novel RESOLUTION which was published last year in the US by Carroll & Graf. RESOLUTION is the third novel in her Garenthill trilogy. Why start with the last novel in a trilogy? Because I saw it at the library.

RESOLUTION is a superb book. Yeah, it’s a little confusing if you start at the end of a series because it has a large cast and refers to events that began with GARNETHILL and EXILE. If you’re able, locate the first two novels and then read this one. If not, read RESOLUTION. It tells the story of Glaswegian Maureen O’Donnell and her tormented family. It’s beautifully written and compelling.

Ian Rankin’s WITCH HUNT is a standalone thriller from the writer who created Inspector Rebus. I have the ARC and have read about a third of it. I’ll post a review toward the end of the week.

I finished the novel I was working on. I knew I was close. Although I didn’t intend it, the book finishes with a line that tells the reader whodunnit and nothing’s resolved after all. The title is FLAMINGO DAWN and its going to sit in my drawer for awhile. In the interim if you’re interested in buying my car, let me know.

According to the weatherman, we’re being brushed by a typhoon. The jet stream has dropped into Northern California. If you’re in the Bay Area and see the jet stream, tell it to get back north of Vancouver where it belongs. Thanks.