Lit Blogs Versus Politcal Blogs

I finally got around to checking out Chekhov’s Mistress (the blog) and discovered that we had covered some of the same ground. In fact I felt like he was speaking my own thoughts here:

I started this site (at a different address) a year ago, mostly writing about politics. That was rewarding in a way, but now talking politics is like being “in” on the stock market of the ’90s. Writing about books presents unique challenges: Literature by its nature is serious and intense and demands attention; it is a topic of less broad interest than, say politics, but those that are interested know what they are talking about (which can’t be said about politics)

I was in total agreement until he finished that thought with this: “and there is little room for winging it.” What?! If that is the case I might as well close up shop folks ’cause all I got is winging it**! But I give a hearty Amen to his closing dedication:

Therefore, this site is dedicated to those that eat their daily bread from a job and feed themselves from the art of the word on the page.

**I was able to calm down a little when I found at that the mighty CAAF at Tingle Alley has been know to wing it too.


Ah yes, we’re all wingers when it comes down to it, myself included. Bad choice of words on my part. I should have said something like there’s no room for singing it. But that wouldn’t have made any sense.