Fox News’ Harris Faulkner has written a book that may help all of us in living a more complete life – 9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat’s Guide to Life and Success.

The book is filled with practical advice that Faulkner has used to find success. Her advice comes from growing up as a military brat – her father served as an officer in the U.S. Army. She learned much from not only her father, but her mother as well (a practical woman who was able to move her children across the country in a minutes notice).

Her advice and lessons touch on courage, perseverance, values, patriotism, and compassion. The book is divided into chapters around each rule – ranging from surrounding yourself with a strong support network to living by a mission to believing in yourself.

Faulkner’s advice is steeped in a strong respect for our military and the values the armed forces teach, but also in faith and integrity.