Wolfgang Parker, author of the Crime Cats mystery series Missing (Volume 1) and The Dusenbury Curse (Volume 2), talks about the books and the inspiration to write a series set in Clintonville, Ohio.

[videojs mp4=”https://www.collectedmiscellany.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Wolfgang%20Parker%20Cat%20Crimes%20interview.mp4″]


For the “backstory” to this interview see below.

After a short visit to the Eco Craftacular in Clintonville today, I was hanging out in the library with my kids when my wife (who is both artsy/craftsy and friends with someone who was participating) excitedly began telling me about an author who had a booth at the event.  She was excited because 1) it was a local author whose books were set in Clintonville 2) they were for kids age 8-12 (our kids ages are 7 and 10) and 3) they involved cats. As it happens, our son loves cats.  This seemed like a great match to spark some more advanced reading.

When I initially failed to catch her excitement, she said semi-exasperatedly: “Don’t you write book reviews and post interviews of authors online?” Fair point.

So, summoning the spirit of book blogging I decided to do an impromptu video interview with the author.  Said author, Wolfgang Parker was game and so I pulled out my handy-dandy cell phone and produced the video above.

I apologize for the sound quality. There was a great deal of background noise as you might imagine at a craft fair.