Wolfgang Parker talks Crime Cats – Clintonville based mystery series

Wolfgang Parker, author of the Crime Cats mystery series Missing (Volume 1) and The Dusenbury Curse (Volume 2), talks about the books and the inspiration to write a series set in Clintonville, Ohio.

[videojs mp4=”https://www.collectedmiscellany.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Wolfgang%20Parker%20Cat%20Crimes%20interview.mp4″]


For the “backstory” to this interview see below.

After a short visit to the Eco Craftacular in Clintonville today, I was hanging out in the library with my kids when my wife (who is both artsy/craftsy and friends with someone who was participating) excitedly began telling me about an author who had a booth at the event.  She was excited because 1) it was a local author whose books were set in Clintonville 2) they were for kids age 8-12 (our kids ages are 7 and 10) and 3) they involved cats. As it happens, our son loves cats.  This seemed like a great match to spark some more advanced reading.

When I initially failed to catch her excitement, she said semi-exasperatedly: “Don’t you write book reviews and post interviews of authors online?” Fair point.

So, summoning the spirit of book blogging I decided to do an impromptu video interview with the author.  Said author, Wolfgang Parker was game and so I pulled out my handy-dandy cell phone and produced the video above.

I apologize for the sound quality. There was a great deal of background noise as you might imagine at a craft fair.


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