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statistics that may be interesting only to me …

Statistics that may be interesting only to me … (and by “interesting” I mean “depressing”)

Comparing traffic the last three years:

June 2013: 1,322 / June 2012: 2,868 / June 2011: 4,011


The Key (Sancti Trilogy #2) by Simon Toyne


Hang Fire by Henry Kisor


  1. I’m still reading you, Kevin, and, dare I say it, using RSS after Google Reader! If it’s any consolation, traffic is down for everybody. Much of it has to do with Google’s algorithm switch, which now favors big media over independent media. But a lot of it has to do with the decentralization of content. I wouldn’t worry about it. Blogging seems to becoming a niche pastime again. :)

    • Thanks, Ed. Interesting how all these many years later, through all the political, cultural and literary upheaval, we are still reading each other’s work online.

  2. I still pop by as well. I’d much rather read something interesting on a book blog than slog through whatever ephemera my Facebook friends have already forgotten they posted…

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