Get To Know Your Kid by Shana Connell Noyes

Get to Know Your Kid is not really the type of book I generally review. More notebook than book” really. But I thought it was an interesting concept.  Unfortunately if got buried under a stack and ignored for months. But since it isn’t really a time sensitive issue I figured I would mention it here.

What is it exactly? Here is the publisher’s explanation:

These days, parents barely remember to take the time to record the whimsical and wonderful things their children say. Get to Know Your Kid allows parents to capture the innocence, the wisdom, and the joy of childhood in one easy step.

One hundred questions are specifically designed to encourage young children to open up and share their thoughts, hopes, fears, and dreams. Geared toward children aged four to ten, and prepared with the help of two child and adolescent psychologists, fun questions include “What do you like best about our family?” and “What do you think it will feel like to be an adult?” With each question, there is room to write in children’s answers, or have older kids write for themselves, giving parents a memorable keepsake to cherish forever.

If you are looking for something interactive to do with your kids that doesn’t involve video games – or if you just want to get to know your child and capture some memories – check it out.

Video? Video:

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