Glasruhen Gate by Catherine Cooper

Glasruhen Gate is book two in The Adventures of Jack Brenin series. I discussed The Golden Acorn yesterday. Although the main characters are the same and the style and tone are very similiar, this book has a different perspective as it take place larger outside our world and inside the world of Annwn – the Cletic other-world and home of the Mother Oak.

Jack rescued the cauldron plates in the first book and now they have to put the magic cauldron together, open the Glasruhen Gate, and gather acorns from the Mother Oak in order to revive the dying trees heretofore cut off from the magic of Annwn.

Jack is supposed to use his unique gifts and open the gate so the Senachi Nora and the mysterious Elan can visit Annwn and return with the acorns. As “mortals” Jack and Camelin are not allowed to visit except once a year on Samhain. But Camelin’s desire to visit the fair and not surprisingly get something to eat leads them into Annwn and trouble.

The rest of the story tells the story of not only the fate of Jack and Camelin but also Nora, Elan and the political upheaval of Annwn. As told by the prophecy, Jack will play a role in bringing peace to both the world and the one beyond.

This second book actually has a little better pace than the first as the tension in Annwn is higher than that of Jack’s preparation and transformation in the first. But this is by no means action packed or any sort of thriller.

Rather, like the first, it is a simple but enjoyable chapter type book for middle grades or young adult readers not looking for the complexity or danger of more advanced stories.

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