Haunt Me Still: A Novel by Jennifer Lee Carrell

Publishers Weekly

Agreeing to direct Shakespeare’s notoriously ill-starred “Scottish play” plunges scholar-sleuth Kate Stanley into a cauldron of trouble in this heady, occult-steeped thriller, the sequel to Interred with Their Bones. The reclusive Lady Nairn, decades earlier the bewitching actress Janet Douglas, plans a production featuring priceless Macbeth-linked antiquities, her own return to the stage, and—if Kate can find it—a rumored earlier version of the play said to include actual magic rites. No sooner does the cast assemble at Lady Nairn’s Scottish castle, however, than all hell breaks loose. Kate’s hallucinatory vision of the savaged body of Lady Nairn’s granddaughter foreshadows two very real murders—with Kate a prime suspect. Carrell deftly uses literary scholarship as a springboard for her plot, especially the suspense-building leaps back to Shakespeare’s day. She’s less successful with the supernatural elements, which increasingly strain credulity, and an anemic romantic subplot.