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In the Mail: My Fear Lady

My Fear Lady: A Joe LaFlam Mystery by Rick Dewhurst

Christian gumshoe Joe LaFlam is wallowing in an existential crisis when the stunning Sissy Smith slinks into his office with a plea for help. Her man Jake Dano has been lured away by another woman and led into the bowels of Spelunkers Global, a secret society bent on world domination with whom Joe previously tangled in the first of the LaFlam mystery series, Bye Bye Bertie. Joe is eager to take the case, knowing that exposing the scum will solidify his professional reputation and reinforce his earthly purpose. He goes undercover underground, where, entrenched as one of them, earthly temptations abound. My Fear Lady, with its intricate plot and insightful humor, is a unique addition to the detective genre, offering readers an absorbing glimpse into the heart of a committed Christian detective.


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A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

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  1. Hey, I’m reading this one too.

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