I have been very busy with offline activities and haven’t had a chance to post reviews here. As I have mentioned before, that is likely to continue for the next six months and perhaps beyond. But I still want to try and post – even if short, quick bursts – about the books I have read. So here is the first of some catch-up posts.

I loved The Dart League King and so was interested in seeing Keith Morris work in short stories (I haven’t read any of his previous works) in his latest work Call it What You Want. I was not disappointed.

Although the stories share a similar form and focus – the “dreams and disappointments, good intentions and small triumphs, chronicles the lives of men lost in the liminal spaces between adolescence and adulthood” – each one has a unique angle and feel to it.

Morris has a honesty to his writing that comes from honing his craft so that just the essentials are left (isn’t that the essence of short story writing?) and a sympathy and humanism to the way he presents his characters. The surreal or absurdest nature of many of the stories adds a twist as well.

If you are a fan of the short story format – or just quality writing – be sure to check out Keith Morris.