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White Noise White Noise by Don DeLillo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hard to describe my reaction to this “classic” after reading it for the first time on its 25th anniversary. It was surreal and hilarious and odd and dense and satirical and a host of other things.

For me this was a book that took some work. Not that it wasn’t enjoyable but there was a lot going on both in terms of language and in terms of the philosophical and the literary.

Consumerism, media overload, self-deception, family interaction, the slippery nature of language and communication, the role of our mortality in our daily lives, etc. All of this jumbled and interconnected within the story. Interesting, insightful at times, frequently quite funny but also almost overloaded.

I am glad I read it but I am not sure it made me want to read more DeLillo.

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