Kids Go! by They Might Be Giants

Kids Go!One of the best things about being a “book blogger” is finding new books and authors.  Pretty basic right?  But it is particularly fun when you get something new and exciting in the mail from a publisher out of the blue.  It is like Christmas or your birthday.

The other day I experienced this when Kids Go! by They Might Be Giants arrived in the mail

(Formal FTC disclosure: this means I got a free copy, OK?).

Normally, my kids are excited when a package comes in the mail but soon disappointed when it is just another adult book of no interest to them. So when a book came that they could look at, I could read to them and had a DVD to sing along to they were pretty excited.

So what is Kids Go! exactly? Well, it is a sing along book authored by the band They Might Be Giants.  Here is the publisher’s explanation:

Once upon a time there were two sleepy kids. Then they heard a distant sound, a beat that got louder and louder. They had to move their feet. They got up off the couch and started to move their legs. Then, with the help of a few unexpected friends, they learned how to move like a monkey, move like a jumping bean, move like a jack-in-the-box and go! go! GO! This very special book is both a story and a song.

So watch the animated DVD, move like a monkey, and sing along!

I have to agree.  This is a fun book and you will certainly want to watch the video and sing along.  Not surprisingly given the authors, it is a very catchy tune that will have you singing and dancing with your kids.

The illustrations, by Pascal Campion, match the fun and simplicity of the music. To me they have a retro feel; a riff on post-war children’s books. But whatever they are they match the carefree and slightly silly sensibility of the music and authors.  They will keep the younger kids entertained but I think the book really works best with the music.

I would have to think this would be a handy thing to have around. Any time you needed to break up the monotony a little, you could pull out this book and pop in the DVD and watch your kids “move like a monkey, move like a jumping bean, move like a jack-in-the-box and go! go! GO!”

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