Wolves From The Sea by Richard Bodley Scott

Wolves from the Sea by Richard Bodley Scott is the eighth book from Osprey Publishing‘s “Field of Glory” series.  This series pertains to a historical miniatures tabletop wargaming system.

Osprey proclaims that this is the first “high-quality games system aimed specifically at the Ancient and Medieval wargamer for over 10 years.”  I am not a wargamer, but I did find the information in the book interesting.

The book is divided into headings that align with each type of army that existed from 496 AD to 1070 AD.  It highlights such armies as the Post-Roman British, Magyars, Early Slavic, Early Medieval French, and Early Polish.  Each heading has a brief history of the fighting forces and a brief description of weapons and tactics used.  In addition, the book includes charts about who made up the armies.  For example, the Post-Roman British Army shows that the Cavalry was made up of men of varying quality.

As with all of the Osprey publications, there are excellent illustrations that show the combatants and their equipment in historical (as much as they can be historical without many written records) terms.  The illustrations are rich in detail and color.

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