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I am a big fan of the whole Buckley family.  Unfortunately, I have been falling behind in my reading of all things Buckley.  It doesn’t help that Christopher cranks out satire faster than I can read it.  His thirteenth novel, Supreme Courtship, has recently been released.  For those interested, here are a couple of useful links:

–> Cheryl Miller has an interview/review mix over at Culture11:

But what’s fiction and what’s not isn’t really the million-dollar question, anyway. Buckley’s books are more about how fiction and reality have melded into each other, how, in the case of Supreme Courtship, politics and TV programming have become all but interchangeable.

–> And Buckley’s long time friend Peter Robinson – Buckley helped Robinson get a job as a speechwriter for VP George H.W. Bush which led to his work with Ronald Reagan – has an multi-part video interview at Uncommon Knowledge.  Episode one and two are up so far.

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