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If you haven an interest in butterflies and/or love amazing photographs/visual imagery – or know someone who does – you will want to check out Butterfly by Thomas Marent published by DK. The photos are simply amazing. The colors are so varied and so beautiful.  The imagery is almost otherworldly; flipping through it like exploring another world.


Here is the description from the publisher:

This visual gallery of butterflies provides an extraordinary collection of images of these elusive and difficult-to-photograph creatures. Breathtakingly detailed photography allows you to experience the butterflies in a variety of habitats, from northern woodlands to tropical rainforests. Along the way the author provides a host of fascinating information about species and life cycles.

Thomas Marent, author of Rainforest (2006), started photographing natural history subjects, particularly birds and butterflies, in the mountains of his native Switzerland. He has dedicated nearly half of his life to recording butterflies across five continents.

The photos here run from breathtakingly beautiful to weird to down right creepy. The images provide a world tour of butterflies and an illustrated guide to the process that leads from egg to caterpillar to pupa and finally to butterfly. Along the way the text helps the reader understand this amazing insect; how to identify and classify as well understand their life cycle.

Whether you are a photog or into biology – or just love interesting images – this book will provide hours of fascinating viewing and reading. My family has already spent some time exploring it together.  My wife the artist plans to spend a lot more time checking out the images; and making not of them for future art projects.

I would think that for anyone interested in butterflies this is a must have, but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it..

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