I am officially declaring this Small Book Appreciation Week.  What does that mean?  Not much really.  Each day this week I am going to be discussing a small book or novella that I have enjoyed recently.  And if I have time maybe some musing on what make small books so enjoyable.

One obvious reason I enjoy small books is the ability to read them quickly.  If you have what seems like an ever shrinking amount of time to devote to reading small books can help.  If you have an afternoon free you can often finish a small book in one sitting.

In order to really get engrossed in a larger book you have to have a larger block of time in which to devote to reading.  Reading a large book chopped up into tiny increments can significantly diminish the enjoyment.  Small books don’t require that commitment.

What say you?  Do you enjoy small books?  Or do you need a deeper more complex plot and text to keep you interested?  Feel free to leave a comment or link here if you feel like blogging on it.