I am a bad blogger.  This has most likely been clear long before today, but recent events have confirmed this.  I get significant traffic from a couple of links related to the post on Liberal Fascism and what do I do?  Nothing.  No enticing posts to keep all those readers and get them to come back.  Not even a welcome update to the post itself.  This is not how a good blogger would react to increased traffic. Jeff thankfully posted.

The plain fact is that my current job and family life just haven’t allowed me to get into any kind of rhythm or habit of blogging.  And that is really how the process works – you have to get into the habit and make time to post or you simply find time slipping by.

So a belated welcome to those new visitors and a lame promise of content on the horizon.  I have a stack of books I need to review and a couple of bookish subjects I want to tackle.  Perhaps, I can regain that blogging rhythm and earn a little readership in the process.