Pod Cast Interview with Richard Lewis

Let me just state up front that I am not the smoothest sound technician around.  The problem with trying to do these podcasts is that I haven’t done them with enough regularity to get the hang of it.  I had just about figured things out when I took half a year off before trying another.  End result = awkward learning curve and much consternation.

But put that aside for now.  As I state in the audio, I recorded an interview with Richard Lewis earlier this year but never posted it.  There were technical, personal, and substantive reasons for not posting it.  But I finally decided that it was a waste not to post it.  So again, apologies for the delay and I hope the content overcomes any technical issues.

Richard Lewis is an author of two young adult novels, The Flame Tree and The Killing Sea, both highly recommended.  The son of American missionaries he lives in Indonesia where he is a full time writer.  He blogs at Novelist in Paradise.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.  Click the icon below to listen.




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