Another great series comes to an end

As the Harry Potter media frenzy begins to fade I want to focus on another great series that is coming to a close this year. Olen Steinhauer’s Eastern European Series will soon be complete with the release of Victory Square in August.

Given my fascination with the Cold War, my love of espionage fiction, and my enjoyment of what might be called literary thrillers, it is no surprise that Olen is one of my favorite writers. I have to admit that the expectations are high for this one as his last book, Liberation Movements, was one of, if not THE, book of the year for me last year. But so far, Olen has never let me down.

When I got the Victory Square ARC recently I was inspired to treat this series the same as the Potter series and re-read the previous books in anticipation of the final book. Luckily, Steinhauer writes crisp tight prose and none of the books run to 800 pages! So I am diving back into the world of post-war Communist Eastern Europe and looking forward to the climatic conclusion of this great series.

If you want to join me in this quest click over to your preferred online book seller or run to the local library and get started. If you want to see what the fuss is all about here are my reviews of the series so far:
Bridge of Sighs
The Confession
36 Yalta Boulevard
Liberation Movements

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