I am still slogging through the Harry Potter tomes as fast as I can – four down two to go – but I just realized that there is going to be a problem with me trying to read the seventh book as soon as I get it.

This weekend is the British Open! Rather than reading, I will be spending every morning watching golf. I am not sure there is a big overlap between the legion of Harry Potter fans and those who love to watch golf, but it is a problem for me.

But not really a very big one. I am not going to be the first to read or review the last Potter book so it won’t mean a great deal if I do so the next week rather than the very day it comes out.

Plus, I am not sure I am going to finish reading all six book before getting to the finale. Man, these last couple of books are thick! I have been enjoying them, however, and will try to offer some thoughts on my re-reading when I get the chance.