In case you haven’t noticed, Dinesh D’Souza’s book, The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11, is generating a lot of discussion (I am sure the publisher is happy). I for one, find the discussion fascinating and important. To that end to more links:

– Rod Dreher, who hasn’t finished reading the book yet, has some interesting comments on his blog. Here is basic summary of his point (which I think is a very valid one) but read the whole post:

The point I wish to make, though, is that D’Souza’s notion that American cultural conservatives have anything more than a superficial commonality with traditional Muslims strikes me as wrong. That doesn’t mean we should be fighting — I would hope for peaceful coexistence — but we shouldn’t pretend that all we US cultural conservatives need to do is to repudiate Michael Moore and Paris Hilton, and all will be well. The problem, from a pious Muslim point of view, is not Blue America. The problem is America itself, the nation-state personification of modernity. That may not be politically useful to the Right or the Left, but I believe it’s true.

– Rod links yet another interview with D’Souza this one with David Kuo.

– Also, be sure to check out last night’s debate between D’Souza and Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer.