Stand for Something by John Kasich

I have decided to change my approach for the books that I read this year. Last year, I chose to review only a few of the books that I read. This year, I will try to say a little something about each book I read.

With that thought in mind, I just finished Stand for Something: The Battle for America’s Soul by John Kasich. Since Kasich’s failed bid for the presidency in 2000, I have been interested in learning more about him. His book is a combination of biography and his views on various topics (the topics are government, sports, business, religion, education, and popular culture).

He presents his views in a no-nonsense sort of way that does not leave you wondering where he stands. His basic premise is that this country needs to get back to its moral foundation of honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, faith, humility, accountability, compassion, and forgiveness.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing about a man who could throw his hat into the ring for the Republican presidential nomination for 2008.

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