The Cubicle Next Door by Siri Mitchell

Pick this new piece of fiction up from Harvest House Publishers and you’ll likely find that The Cubicle Next Door (or TCND for short) is similar to drinking 7UP – light, crisp, clean, refreshing…you get it. With a premise most hourly employees in corporate America have experienced at one time or another – sharing a workspace *shudder* – TCND is bound to elicit at least one, if not more good laughs from those who open its pages.

The main character, Jackie Pert Harrison is down to earth, in your face and just plain likable. Life for Jackie is rolling along at a very comfortable pace. She suddenly finds half her workspace occupied by someone who will turn her world upside-down, challenge her conservative and calculated tendencies, and cause her to face every difficult thing she has ever stuffed away in the dark places of her heart. All in all, a very heart-warming story.

TCND is written in a real and connectible way which will attract a mostly female audience. (Note: This in no way nullifies the benefit some males might receive from reading this book! So pick it up – I dare you.) Some might find their fundamental views mildly challenged on what it means to follow God which, in my opinion, is not necessarily a bad thing. The book also highlights some of the very real life struggles of all human beings, regardless of their faith. I imagine most readers will find at least one character with whom they can identify. Personally, I connected with Jackie’s zeal for caring for the earth without worshiping it.

You may find this little novel therapeutic. Especially if your workspace has been cut in half lately…

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