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Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom by Celia Rivenbark

From Publishers Weekly:

In some 32 short essays on the ridiculousness of modern life, Rivenbark (Bless Your Heart, Tramp; We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier) wanders through Tweenland at the mall, thinking a better name would be “Lil Skanks.” She thinks that the Cruise/Holmes pregnancy has an “indescribably delicious” Rosemary’s Baby feel to it and recalls that Monica Lewinsky hosted a TV dating show—in which she “didn’t get the guy.” Rivenbark riffs on America’s crazier obsessions—the painful but obligatory pilgrimage to Disney World, the new attention to “buttocks cleavage,” coffee makers calling themselves baristas, or those celebrity moms who have “bumps” instead of babies. Rivenbark describes herself as a “slacker mom” and reminds readers to learn something from men—”because no matter how slack a dad is, if he does the least little thing, people gush over him.” This is a hilarious read, perhaps best enjoyed while eating Krispy Kremes with a few girlfriends.

Death By Powerpoint by Michael Flocker

Book Description:

“By the best-selling author of The Metrosexual Guide to Style, a hilarious manual for navigating the many rungs of the corporate ladder. Does your manager talk endlessly about “engineering synergy” and “bridging disconnects?” Does the guy in the cube next to you eavesdrop and peak at what’s in your personal drawer? Have you ever come close to “death by PowerPoint” as you struggle to stay awake in a meeting? If you work in any kind of office–large or small–the answers to these questions are undoubtedly “yes” and you obviously and desperately need Death By PowerPoint. A life-saving guide to twenty-first century corporate culture, it provides incisive coverage of everything you’ll need to get ahead (or to simply stay above water):

– The Art of Office Politics–sucking up effectively, how to deal with control freaks and that annoying guy with all the “new ideas”
– E-Mail Etiquette–responding to ridiculous requests, managing passive-aggressive messages, and how best to undo E-damage
– Mandatory Fun–proper etiquette for office parties, the curse of Secret Santa, and undermining your drunken co-workers
– Sex in the Workplace–how to spot video surveillance, telltale signs that others are getting it on, dumping etiquette, and the treacherous realm of sex with the boss”

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