In honor of the Online Book Fair, I thought I would highlight some books that were brought to my attention by the fine folks at FSB. The truth is I probably wouldn’t have read any of the books below if they weren’t brought to my attention by FSB. This is what good publicists do, they help bring good books to readers.

-> The Husband by Dean Koontz:

The Husband is an exciting and entertaining thriller from a master of the genre. Koontz fans are sure to love this latest release while those reading him for the first time will be entertained and impressed.

-> Alibi by Joseph Kanon:

Part historical drama, part murder mystery, part spy thriller Alibi is a tense and gritty story set in an exotic time and place. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys suspense, tension, and intrigue with a little history and romance mixed in.

-> Rosa by Jonathan Rabb:

Call it what you will (historical fiction, police procedural, spy thriller, psychological drama) but in the end Rosa is just a good story with interesting characters and a unique setting. And in the end that is often all that matters.