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– In my brief hiatus Mr. Birnbaum has posted two interviews. One with George Saunders, whose The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil sits in TBR pile mocking me, and one with Lawrence Weschler.

– I received an email from Lynne W. Scanlon, The Wicked Witch of Publishing (TM), alerting me to her blog The Publishing Contrarian. In a recent post she asks the provacative question(s) How Low Should You Sink to Shamelessly Market Your Book? Is Author Jeff Pearlman a Prostitute? Click on over to find out the answer.

– The Summer Issue of Bold Type is out:

For the sweltering months ahead, we bring you a breathless Boldtype issue with an array of our traditional in-depth reviews and a special section with snapshot looks at fresh magazines, eye-candy art books, short story collections, and beloved beach reads. Whether you’re breezing out of town or just cranking up the AC at home, summer reading is all about assembling a teetering stack of possibilities. We give you plenty to work with, from Gary Shteyngart’s Absurdistan (which looks to be the season’s breakout novel with its crazed Rabelaisian Russian narrator) to Stephen Wright’s Civil War polka to Sigrid Nunez’s complex portrait of two women dealing with the burnout of ’60s idealism. Here’s to a strange piece of paradise…

– An email from FSB alerted me to the existence of Written Voices Radio “the best collection of author podcasts on the Web!” A fascinating site where you can “Listen to interviews, browse titles, read excerpts, and much more.” Looks pretty cool. I plan on checking it out in more detail as I have time.

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