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I signed up to participate in the Christian Fiction Blog Tour. I figured it would be a good way to get a sense of what was out there in terms of Christian Fiction and broaden my horizons a little. This is the first week I will be participating. The book in question is Kathryn Mackel’s The Hidden. Here is a brief description:

A dark ravine. A fiery death. An unimaginable secret. Some things are best left hidden.

Grieving her son’s death, psychiatrist Susan Stone returns home to Colorado to help her elderly father manage his horse-breeding business. After the botched delivery of a prized foal, Susan rides wildly into the mountains, seeking release from consuming guilt. Thrown from her horse, she tumbles into a dark ravine and makes a startling discovery–a young man, chained in the darkness.

This novel will forever alter your perception of the darkness of evil and the light of forgiveness and hope.

I am running a little behind – as always – so I haven’t quite finished the book. Hopefully I can put some time in and finish it in time to post a review by Wednesday.

Kevin Holtsberry
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