I wanted to pass along this note from Bud Parr at MetaxuCafe:

All week long we will be covering the Pen World Voices Festival here at MetaxuCafe. In conjunction with the Words Without Borders blog, we will be covering over 30 events this week and posting at MetaxuCafe and other places around the Web. Highlights include an interview with Dubravka Ugresic (author of The Ministry of Pain) by James Marcus and photographs by Mary Reagan.

Here are the participants:

Words Without Borders blog
M.A. Orthofer, The Literary Saloon
James Marcus, House of Mirth
Levi Asher, Litkicks
Michelle Lin, NY Brain Terrain
Bud Parr, Chekhov’s Mistress
Mary Reagan, NYC Photo

Sarah Weinman will be attending on her own and sharing her thoughts on the “Taking Crime Fiction Seriously” discussion.

Be sure to check it out. And if you haven’t already Metaxu Cafe in general.