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Goldberg on Crunchy Cons

I have been planning a long, powerful, insightful, fair, and yet ultimately critical review of Rod Dreher’s new book Crunchy Cons. I am working my way through the book and even reading the Crunchy Blog over at NRO. But before I could post my thoughts Jonah Goldberg comes along and steals all of my thunder with his long essay on the subject. This is what happens when you are not a professional journalist. While Jonah was busy finishing the book and writing his piece, I was doing mundane things like my day job and trying to get my fussy daughter to go to sleep so her mother and I can regain our sanity.

Oh well, if there was any one I wanted to steal my thunder it would be Jonah. If you want to take a look at my thoughts on this subject when it was only a magazine article here are some links:

Should politics be personal?
Crunchy Cons – Part VVXVXVXVVVIII
Crunchy Cons – Again
Granola Conservatives

I had a lot to say back them didn’t I? Look for my by now redundant book review in the coming days.


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  1. I tend to agree with Dreher until I read Goldberg’s replies. I go along with Dreher in several (not all) of his arguments, but I fail to see where this divides me from mainstream conservatism. It seems as if Dreher is an insider gazing longingly at the outside.

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