I have been too busy with mundane things like work, household duties, and child care to post much. I have a number of reviews in the works and even and interview. So look for that next week. For now check out these interesting interviews:

John Hawkins has an interview with Kate O’Beirne on her new book Women Who Make the World Worse. John and Kate discuss “feminism, sexual harassment, the wage gap, women in the military, & women’s studies departments among other topics.

– The indefatigable Robert Birnbaum also has an interview up at the Morning News. Mr. Birnbaum talks with Lisa Randall about:

Cormac McCarthy (that’s right), the particle collider in Geneva (Switzerland), confusions about science, books as proper venues for rarefied theoretical information, being a youthful nerd, a quick aside on Harvard president Summers’s intemperate remarks on women and science, science teaching in American secondary schools, intelligent design, gravity, needing science knowledge, arts and science, M and string theory, Kaluza Klein particles, aging and physicists, science popularizers, writing a science book, reading and writing fiction and what not.