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Ending 2005 with a whimper

Well kids, I am back to offer another lame apology about how content is down, etc. Just because it is lame doesn’t mean it isn’t sincere.

“Real life” has kept me from posting much here other than the odd book review or two. The next couple of weeks won’t be much better I suspect. What with a business trip, the holidays, NFL football with playoff implications, and various other things (wife, child, house) impinging on my time I can’t see a end of the year bonanza coming on.

As traffic drops off to the odd Google search that leads here, I am furtively working to make the transition to the new site as seamless as possible. If all goes well, visitors to this site will see the same as visitors to eponymous blog domain, but I will only be posting to one blog. The new look should load faster as well. I appreciate your patience in the inevitable cases of glitches and whatnot. I will initiate the change sometime next week.

I hope all of you are having a joyous holiday season and that your travels are safe and your families don’t drive you insane.

I am not signing of for the year or anything, I just thought I should get this information posted in case anyone was wondering.


The Drift House by Dale Peck


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  1. Duly noted.

    Hope 2006 provides you with enough time to resume a fuller blogging schedule.

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