Newspaper Circulations Down

Circulation figures for several popular newspapers are available. Subscriptions are down across the board, except for the NY Times which grew subscriptions less than half a percent. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Boston Globe scored lowest, over 8% down. [by way of Thinking Right]

In related news, NY Times reporter Judith Miller has left the Times, I hope for greener pastures. The Times reports a letter she has written will run under the heading “Judith Miller’s Farewell” tomorrow. “Ms. Miller said she was leaving partly because some of her colleagues disagreed with her decision to testify in the C.I.A. leak case.”

I must say this whole Joe Wilson, Scooter Libby, CIA leak investigation is not right. The Times acted as if they had nothing to do with Miller’s reporting, as if covering themselves instead of helping uncover the truth they claimed to be after. Now, the prosecutor has indicted Libby, stating Wilson’s wife was not known to work at CIA as Libby had claimed. I understand four reporters have emerged to testify to the contrary. If it can be demonstrated that Wilson’s wife was not “outed” by Libby, can he still be charged?

I appeal to The American Thinker for more on this.

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